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Birdcage Builder Macro for CST MWS

PostPosted: Thu 24. Jan 2013, 14:34
by saussenhofer
UPDATE 17022013 (version 0.3):
    Correction for a bugfix that could cause a model created with the macros not to be loaded properly after it had been saved.

    Highpass macro now also implements the ports automatically.

    Ports have been replaced by face ports.

    Many thanks to Frank Demming from CST for this update!

UPDATE 11022013: Please use the new macros supplied below as they contain a major bugfix.

I have written two macros for CST Microwave Studio (version 2012) to allow fast and easy construction of Low- and Highpass Birdcage resonators.


1. create new folder in your CST Macro library e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\CST STUDIO SUITE 2012\Library\Macros\Construct\MRI Coils
2. Unzip the files into that folder
3. Restart CST to make the new macros available


Both macros provide a gui with a picture that explains the parameters set in the gui. Enter the parameters and frequency of operation and press ok. For the Lowpass and Highpass Birdcage macro discrete ports will be set automatically

If you can improve the macros please share.

Best regards,

Sebastian Aussenhofer

Re: Birdcage Builder Macro for CST MWS

PostPosted: Thu 7. Feb 2013, 01:00
by Tim.Herrmann
Dear Sebastian, thank you very much for posting this Birdcage Builder Macro in this forum.

I test it and it works very smooth.

Maybe we could improve it for High Pass and for Low Pass to integrate Lumped Elements or Ports.

Finally an integration with Design Studio would be the absolute improvement.

Best Tim. :D